Bye Bye First 5 Pounds

imageWhen I first started this blog I had been on this program for one week.  Today was my first weigh in.  As soon as I got up, before a drink of water I got on the scale buck naked of course and lost 5 lbs!  So excited!  I even made it through 4th of July weekend with all that food around.  I admit, I even had a cocktail to celebrate this wonderful day.  I made sure it was a low calorie cocktail.  Vodka, club soda and lime.  With a red, white and blue straw.  I didn’t go crazy, I only allowed myself one, OK maybe 2.  When everyone was munching on chips and dips I was enjoying my Parmesan Cheese Puffs.  For dinner I was able to eat a steak like everyone else and instead of the potato salad I had myself the green salad.  I truly did not feel deprived that day.  The first few days were the hardest of course but after that it got easier and easier.  Now that I saw results and lost 5 lbs, I think it will make this coming up week even easier.

My Mantra Last Week:  “I’m not missing anything I’ve eaten before.  I know what all those foods taste like.  I will be able to eat them again”.

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