Bye Bye 5 More Pounds

image  As of this morning I have officially lost a total of 15 pounds since I started this journey July 1st.  I am so proud of myself.  I have stuck to my program even when I was in situations where I could easily have cheated.  Of course I can tell, my husband definitely can tell and the real test was going to be from my hawk eye sister and she turned out to be my biggest cheerleader.  I haven’t seen her in about a month and we saw each other over the weekend and she was so excited for me.  Her reaction was “you look like a different person”.  Ok, that is a bit much for only 15 pounds but like I said, she has a very critical eye.  I guess 15 pounds is a lot on a short person.  Her excitement was really encouraging.  I was feeling like I should have lost more by now but she helped me keep things in perspective.  Any weight loss is a huge accomplishment.  Yay for me! 😊


What If You Fly

image I never really mentioned why at this particular time in my life I decided to really get serious about losing weight.   I can look back now and see that there were times in the past that I was so afraid of failing or gaining it all back that I was afraid to try.  It was easier just to keep the weight on and accept my weight than looking like I failed.  This time I had a strong motivation.  My precious niece.  She is getting married soon and I do not want to be the fat aunt at the wedding.  I want to go shopping and buy a cute dress, not just something I can fit into.  I want to dance at her wedding and not sweat like a middle age women in menopause.  I know that might seem silly to some of you but for me it was real motivation.  It’s good to get motivated by someone or something.  A special event, an upcoming vacation, or maybe you just want to fit into a certain size that you always felt your best in.  Find your motivation, get started and don’t let fear hold you back.