How Does Your Garden Grow


One of the best ways to add lots of flavor to food without adding calories is with fresh herbs.  Some of my favorites are Basil that goes well with anything that has a tomato base or fresh tomatoes.  Thyme and Sage are a wonderful compliment to pork dishes.  Rosemary adds a great flavor to most chicken dishes.  Herbs are easy to grow and grow well in any type of container that has good drainage.  You can place them in your windowsill or anywhere in your house that gets good sunlight and depending on where you live you can grow them outdoors.   Pinterest has lots of good pins on herb gardens and how to grow  and maintain them.  The only thing to remember is not to over water.  So next time your at your home improvement store pick up some fresh herbs and potting soil and start growing.  You’ll save money by not having to buy fresh herbs in the market that can be pretty pricey and best of all you’ll always have them on hand for making anything more flavorful.

Stop Starving Yourself

imageOn any weight loss program it is important to eat a small healthy low fat snack every 3 hours.  That’s right, every 3 hours.  When you go longer than 3 hours between meals your body actually begins to store fat.  Think back to the caveman days.  Back then there were no supermarkets to get whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted.  The caveman didn’t know when his next meal was coming.  He only ate when he was able to kill something and then would stuff himself.  Why?  Because he didn’t know when he might eat again.  Could be days or weeks. Our bodies were taught to revert to Survival Mode  which our bodies still do today.  Of course this is to protect us from starvation the best way the body can.  So how do we turn our bodies into fat burning machines?  By eating every 3 hours.  Because you are eating frequently, you’ll never feel hungry, this will help keep your blood sugar regulated and your metabolism stays revved up.

Climbing The Mountain


Now that I have lost 12 lbs since I started this program 4 weeks ago I noticed something really exciting when my husband and I took our dog Dexter on a hike yesterday.  We live in the mountains and always have great hiking trails to chose from.  This particular trail that we went on yesterday is Dexter’s favorite.  (It’s all about the dog, right?)  This trail is not one of my favorites because it is about 1 mile up the mountain and 1 mile down.  I’m fine with the second half, but that first half can be pretty grueling when you are carrying extra weight.  But yesterday I noticed it was much easier.  I didn’t feel winded, I didn’t find myself counting the steps to the halfway point, I felt great!  Because I like analogies, imagine if I did that hike with a backpack on that was filled with rocks.  12 pounds of rocks to be exact.  I could no more hike 100 feet up that mountain before I would have gotten whinny and asked my husband to carry it for me.  He probably would have said “you brought it, you should carry it”, and I would have said “Fine! I’ll get it on the way back”, and would have dumped the backpack right there. Well you can’t do that when that backpack is actually 12 extra pounds of weight you are carrying with you.  How do you hand that off to someone or leave it and come back for it.  Any amount of extra weight is an extra burden to carry.  And for those of us that have significantly more weight we are carrying around it is quite a strain on us.  No wonder we are worn out all the time.  Let’s do ourselves a huge favor and begin the process of letting go of that extra weight.  We will feel so much better physically and mentally.  We have enough in life that weighs us down.  We don’t need those extra LB’s too.