How Does Your Garden Grow


One of the best ways to add lots of flavor to food without adding calories is with fresh herbs.  Some of my favorites are Basil that goes well with anything that has a tomato base or fresh tomatoes.  Thyme and Sage are a wonderful compliment to pork dishes.  Rosemary adds a great flavor to most chicken dishes.  Herbs are easy to grow and grow well in any type of container that has good drainage.  You can place them in your windowsill or anywhere in your house that gets good sunlight and depending on where you live you can grow them outdoors.   Pinterest has lots of good pins on herb gardens and how to grow  and maintain them.  The only thing to remember is not to over water.  So next time your at your home improvement store pick up some fresh herbs and potting soil and start growing.  You’ll save money by not having to buy fresh herbs in the market that can be pretty pricey and best of all you’ll always have them on hand for making anything more flavorful.

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