What If You Fly

image I never really mentioned why at this particular time in my life I decided to really get serious about losing weight.   I can look back now and see that there were times in the past that I was so afraid of failing or gaining it all back that I was afraid to try.  It was easier just to keep the weight on and accept my weight than looking like I failed.  This time I had a strong motivation.  My precious niece.  She is getting married soon and I do not want to be the fat aunt at the wedding.  I want to go shopping and buy a cute dress, not just something I can fit into.  I want to dance at her wedding and not sweat like a middle age women in menopause.  I know that might seem silly to some of you but for me it was real motivation.  It’s good to get motivated by someone or something.  A special event, an upcoming vacation, or maybe you just want to fit into a certain size that you always felt your best in.  Find your motivation, get started and don’t let fear hold you back.

Throw Back Thursday


Here I am as a new Flight Attendant back in the 1980’s.  Probably thinking “Darn!  I should have become a pilot……more fun, and more money”.  Believe it or not back then if we had to ferry an airplane without any passengers just crew, our pilots would actually let us fly.  What were they thinking!  Those were the days.😊