Wednesday Weigh In. Bye Bye 2 1/2 More Pounds.

imageNow I know that doesn’t sound like a lot after having lost 5 pounds the first week but that is very typical of a healthy weight loss program.  Health professionals advise to lose only about 2 -3 pounds a week to stay healthy while losing weight.  The first week you lose mostly water weight which was fine by me.  The first thing that came to my mind when I thought about those 2 1/2 pounds was McDonald’s Quarter Pounders.  Yes, I relate everything to food.  That would be equivalent to 10 Quarter Pounders.  Imagine slapping 10 of those babies on your thighs.   Paints a pretty vivid picture doesn’t it.  That is now 7 1/2 pounds in two weeks.  So I imagined going to my local grocery store and going straight to the meat department and putting 7 1/2 pounds of raw hamburger meat in my cart.  Not the lean hamburger but the fatty hamburger.  That’s a lot of burger!  That really put things in perspective for me.  Now I’m smiling. 🙂

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