Stop Starving Yourself

imageOn this program you are eating a meal replacement every 3 hours.  That’s right, every 3 hours.  When you go longer than 3 hours between meals your body actually begins to store fat.  Think back to the caveman days.  Back then there were no supermarkets to get whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted.  The caveman didn’t know when his next meal was coming.  He only ate when he was able to kill something and then would stuff himself.  Why?  Because he didn’t know when he might eat again.  Could be days or weeks. Our bodies were taught to revert to Survival Mode  which our bodies still do today.  Of course this is to protect us from starvation the best way the body can.  So how do we turn our bodies into fat burning machines?  By eating every 3 hours.  Because you are eating frequently, you’ll never feel hungry and your metabolism stays revved up.

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