Water Water and more Water

imageIn order to have the best weight loss results you should drink 64 oz’s of water a day.  That seems daunting but here is the reason why.  Drinking Water Revs Up Your Metabolism.  Dehydration is your body’s enemy.  It slows bodily functions and metabolism.  As a mater of fact, your metabolism will slow to conserve energy when you haven’t had enough water to drink as your organs can’t and won’t function efficiently.  Scientifically speaking, drinking water has been proven to contribute to your body’s ability to burn calories more efficiently.  Dehydration prohibits the fat burning process.

Buy yourself a 16 oz water bottle and first thing in the morning drink that entire bottle of water. Cold water is even better because your body will have to warm up the water entering your system which increases your metabolism.  Have another 16 oz bottle around lunch time, that will help fill you up also.  Have another 16 oz bottle around 3:00 in the afternoon, that will also increase energy for that afternoon slump and a final 16 oz before dinner.  There you have it, your 64 oz’s for the day.  Drink Up!

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