My Exercise Buddy


This is my best piece of exercise equipment.  Even when I don’t feel like exercising my dog  Dexter won’t accept that.  The best part is when I take him for a long walk it doesn’t even feel like exercise knowing how much he lives for his walk and seeing how much he enjoys it, it gets me out there practically every day.  They say a dog going for a walk is the same experience as a human going to a rock concert.  Wow!  That is wild!  How can you deny them that experience.  At the same time every morning Dexter lets me know it’s time to get going.  He immediately starts following my every move, brushes up against my legs, whines a little bit and I know what he’s trying to say.  “Are we gonna go, it’s time, are you gonna put those shoes on, we better hurry, there’s lots of lizards and squirrels out there today, come on, let’s go, hurry hurry hurry”.  And think of the benefits for both you and your best friend.  Now some of you might be thinking “well I don’t have a dog”.  I bet your neighborhood is full of them that are just sitting home being all latchkey and stuff that would love to go with you.  Just think of how lucky that family would be to have their dog walked while they are at work.  You’ll be doing an extraordinary thing for that dog and in return will have a new best friend.